Welcome to the coffeehouse!

Writing, and that evil thing of a writer’s block.  This is something I suffer as many of my readers of my fan fiction know.  I have been writing a story that is slowly and surely getting to the turning point, and then BANG the block hits me…. I know exactly where the story is going, and how its going to end, but it’s those finicky fine minuscule points that move the story from A to B through to Z that keep holding me up.

But, I promise that I will finish the story, however long it takes!

Thank you to all my readers on A03 and Fanfiction.net who keep reading and commenting – the support means the world to me and all other writers out there!

Trust me, opening our email each day and seeing a comment, or Kudos sitting there waiting for us to read is the highlight of the day, and sometimes is the final push that gives inspiration for that next chapter!

Hissy x


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