The Total Beginner’s Guide to Submitting Short Fiction for Publication

Amanda C. Davis

How to finish and format your stories, find markets that want to read them, and send them out in ways that make you look and feel professional.

One of my writers’ group people recently mentioned she had no idea where to start to find people to publish her short stories and poetry; I’ve been on Duotrope (and surrounded by working writers on Twitter) for so long that I’d forgotten what a hurdle it was figuring out how to go about it. I can’t tell you how to write well enough to sell, but the act of sending out your work shouldn’t be as tough to learn as it was for me. It’s strictly business correspondence. Here’s everything I know.

This guide makes the following assumptions:

A) You’re writing short fiction. (“Short” meaning 0-17,500 words, though this method might work for novellas and poetry too.)

B) You will make…

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tBS: The Politics of Dating

Malfoy gets his eyes opened to what the Griffs are really like 🙂


The Big Short

The Politics of Dating
Prompt: lint
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Ellie Potter (Female Harry Potter), Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, others
Genre: romance, drama, teen
Warnings: I got nothing
Word Count: 997
Notes: I can’t believe I filled a prompt for lint. Keira, you magnificent bitch, this is your fault.
Synopsis: It’s a date, not a marriage proposal

“Ron. If you don’t stop staring I’m going to hex you bald.”

Since Ellie had done just that to a seventh year Ravenclaw only last week, it wasn’t an idle threat. Not that Ron would ever consider a threat from Ellie to be idle; she was positively evil when it came to getting one over someone who crossed her.

Ron blamed her godfather; the man was the most cheerfully vicious bastard ever. And Hermione because, after six years, the two witches shared a brain.

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Darkseraphina’s writing telling home truths in her stunning way!


Title: Fangirl
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Rule 63/Always a Girl, Alternate Universe, Real Life, No Magic, Family
Word Count:
All the fluff, and lots of geeky things besides, and some swearing.
Synopsis: There are secrets everywhere in Hogwarts; Harry Potter intends to hunt down all of them.

Harry Potter made his way down the corridor, stopping often to check The Marauder’s Map. This was an unknown part of Hogwarts Castle and he’d hate to get lost.

At the junction of two hallways, he drew his wand and cast a spell. It was one he’d recently learned for this very purpose; to find the secrets of Hogwarts. “Point Me,” he said aloud and his wand spun in his palm before pointing left, throwing a trail of sparks to follow.

He came to the end of the shimmering trail, which vanished abruptly. When he cast again, his wand spun wildly until…

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tBS: Give Us A Kiss

Darkseraphina has a wonderful way with words – and I love her tough chick Toni!


The Big Short

Title: Give Us A Kiss
Prompt: Kiss
Fandom: NCIS/Hawaii 5-O
Characters/Pairings: fem!Tony DiNozzo/Steve McGarrett, John McGarrett, Victor Hesse
Word Count: 760
Notes: I did a Tony/Steve prompt fill earlier, so I suppose I genderbent my own story
Warnings: canon-typical violence

Synopsis: “McGarrett has good taste. Give us a kiss, sweetheart?”

John yanked futilely at his bonds at the sight of the woman that Hesse’s stooge dragged inside. Twenty years ago — hell, ten — he’d have not let some Irish gangster get the drop on him. Retirement had made him soft. Or maybe he was just old.

“Ah, there she is! Well, now,” Hesse eyed the gorgeous blonde up and down, “McGarrett has good taste. Give us a kiss, sweetheart?”

“I’d rather kiss a pufferfish, Victor.”

Hesse laughed. “Spirited, too!” And casually backhanded her.

She licked her split lip and raised a brow. “Really? Is that how…

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Welcome to the coffeehouse!

Writing, and that evil thing of a writer’s block.  This is something I suffer as many of my readers of my fan fiction know.  I have been writing a story that is slowly and surely getting to the turning point, and then BANG the block hits me…. I know exactly where the story is going, and how its going to end, but it’s those finicky fine minuscule points that move the story from A to B through to Z that keep holding me up.

But, I promise that I will finish the story, however long it takes!

Thank you to all my readers on A03 and who keep reading and commenting – the support means the world to me and all other writers out there!

Trust me, opening our email each day and seeing a comment, or Kudos sitting there waiting for us to read is the highlight of the day, and sometimes is the final push that gives inspiration for that next chapter!

Hissy x